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Are you a family-friendly employer looking to support your employees through parental leave, back to the workplace and beyond?

Returning to work after parental leave can bring about challenges for you and your employees to navigate. As you’re responsible for looking after the people in your company, you’ve probably found yourself wondering what you can to ensure that the transition back to work is successful for both the new parent and your organisation.  

Maybe you:

  • Know that your people are your greatest asset and want them to feel valued and supported through a potentially unsettling and daunting time for them personally.
  • Want to reduce unnecessary and costly (time and money) recruitment churn at what can be a vulnerable time for new parents as they think about their return to work and the months after.
  • Want to keep hold of your talented, experienced, and brilliant female employees after they’ve had children.
  • Feel that there must be a better way to help employees reintegrate into the workplace after months away, so that they return ready and engaged.

What's happening?

A survey of maternity returners found that…

Only 18% felt happy and confident about returning to work

37% felt so unsupported they considered handing in their notice

90% weren’t offered any support through a returner programme

92% said a dedicated returner programme could have been beneficial

Help is at hand

I’ve worked in HR and been a mum on maternity leave myself and so have experienced both sides of the coin.

I’m a huge believer that external, objective and confidential support for the returner is hugely beneficial to both the company and the new parent returning to work.

I also think managers are often in a tricky position as they lack confidence and/or understanding around navigating parental leave and beyond. If not done well, this can result in the employee feeling unsupported and undervalued which can have a negative impact on their return to work.

And this is how I can help you. Ready to find out more?


How does it work?

I will work with you to develop a bespoke plan for your company so that you can be confident your managers and returners are getting the support they need to successfully manage the return to work.

We can do this through any of, or a combination of the following…


Designed for managers and business owners supporting employees going on, during and after parental leave.

1:1 Coaching

Dedicated coaching for employees to support them with each stage of their parental leave and return to work.

Group Support

Provides a space for a small group to share experiences, advice and support each other after returning to work.

return to work after maternity leave confidence

Hi, I'm Rose

From my own experience of having two little ones, I know that returning to work after parental leave can be a really vulnerable and challenging time in a new parent’s life.

How a parent feels and is supported by their employer in the lead up to returning to work, those first few days back and the months that follow, can have a huge impact on how successful their return might be.

This is where training and coaching can be so effective and provide huge benefits for the company, for managers and individuals.

You can find out more About Me here.

“I felt nervous and anxious about returning to my job [after maternity leave], worrying I wouldn’t be able to keep up after so long out. Returning to work is incredibly complicated and emotive and there’s all sorts of things at play, so just to have an hour to think about you and only you is very powerful, and very needed! I came away with a list of 5 actions to do/think about before I returned to work, and they made the transition on the big day so much easier!


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