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Back to Work Package

Return to work with confidence

When you’re on parental leave it’s natural at some point to start thinking ahead to your return to work and this can bring up all sorts of thoughts and emotions. Some parents are excited to get back to a bit of their pre-baby life, but for many, there’s a lot of apprehension and worry about what might lie ahead.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of feeling ready to go to downright dread, coaching can help you address whatever is coming up for you so you can be prepared for your return to work. By facing any concerns head on and taking action, you’re likely to feel less overwhelmed with the thought of it, meaning you can enjoy the rest of your parental leave rather than having worries hanging over you.

The Back To Work Package is for you if:

★ You are currently on parental leave.

★ You’re dreading your return to work; you’re excited and what to feel prepared; or you’re somewhere in between.

★ You keep welling up at the thought of being apart from your baby while you’re at work.

★ You’re wondering if you’re going to remember how to do your job again.

★ You feel like you’ve lost a bit of your pre-baby identity.

★ You’re struggling with working parent guilty.

★ You want to achieve your career goals at the same time as maintaining a work/life balance that’s right for you and your family.

This coaching package can help you:


★ Face your thoughts, worries and doubts and work through them so you feel more calm and confident.

★ Prepare for any conversations you might want to have with your employer.

★ Take a look at what’s behind your working parent guilt and overcome it.

★ Figure out your priorities and decide how you are going to manage your time so the things that are most important to you don’t get lost.

★ Return to work feeling engaged and motivated.

★ Enjoy the rest of your parental leave rather than carry on feeling like you have a heavy cloud hanging over you.

How does it work?

★ Book your free 20 minute discovery call so we can discuss your situation and for me to find out if I am the best person to help you with your return to work. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you have about coaching and ensure you feel comfortable with me as your Coach.

★ 3 x 1 hour coaching sessions which will take place via Zoom.

★ Sessions take place approximately every 3 weeks which gives you time to move forward with any actions you set yourself but also keeps the momentum going as you prepare for your return to work.

★ Your investment in the Back To Work Package is £385.


“I felt that Rose asked insightful and challenging questions that got me to come to my own solutions, rather than being told what I should do. This is much more powerful and the solutions more likely to stick because they had come from myself. I came away with a list of 5 actions to do/think about before I returned to work, and they made the transition on the big day so much easier!”


I’d recommend a Power Hour with Rose to any mum, stay at home or working, I think the session and space Rose offers can be of such value to any woman who feels overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, or just a bit lost at times. Rose’s power hour will give you the time, space and guidance to take the next steps to feeling a happier and more content version of you again.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions I receive to give you more information about coaching and You Beyond Baby.

Coaching involves a single or series of forward-looking conversations in which the coach and client work in partnership with the aim of the client gaining an understanding of and maximising their full potential.

As a Coach I believe you have the answers you are looking for inside you already. However, it may require some challenging questions, observations and re-evaluating to untangle assumptions and beliefs that you may have about yourself or your situation in order to unlock those answers and find your path for personal transformation.

My role as a Coach is not to advise or teach you but to listen, guide, challenge and encourage you to think about the beliefs, values and assumptions that you have of yourself and your life.

As your Coach I will provide a safe, objective and non-judgmental space for you to be honest and open with yourself and gain greater self-awareness and new learning. With these new insights you are empowering yourself to make the best decisions for you moving forward.

Each coaching session will last approximately one hour.

If you have booked a package I generally advise having a session every 2-3 weeks as this gives you some time to work on any actions you have set yourself but maintains the momentum towards your goals.

Returning to work after maternity leave and the months following it can be really challenging. There is so much going on during that time and it can have such an impact on your confidence, how you feel about leaving your baby, your career goals, your own identity etc. 

I think it’s something that we don’t really talk enough about and there could be a lot more support around so that women can return to work feeling confident and ready for the next phase. And this is what I’m trying to provide through You Beyond Baby.  

Yes, organisations can book coaching with me for employees. If this is something you would like to do or think your company would be interested in please ask the relevant person to send me an email at to discuss further and for me to provide a quote. 

No, I’m afraid not. Power Hours are great for tackling that one specific thing that is on your mind but for deeper, more transformational and long-lasting change either my Back to Work or Reset packages are the best option. 

I have a Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice which is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited qualification. I follow the Code of Ethics set out by the ICF. 

I am also a Mental Health First Aider. 

Before becoming a Coach I worked in HR and completed my CIPD Level 7. 

There are several differences between coaching and therapy and it’s really important to understand them and work out which is most suitable for you at a particular time. Some of the key differences are: 

  • Coaching focuses on the present and the future. The past may come up and you may discuss how that has contributed to the present but you won’t dwell on the detail or try to heal what has happened in a coaching session. Whereas in therapy, you are likely to analyse the past to understand how it has shaped the present and address what has happened in order to move forward. 
  • Coaching is action orientated. 
  • Coaches are not trained to diagnose or treat mental illness whereas therapists are. 
  • Coaching is more likely to have a closed-end or have a set, fewer number of sessions whereas therapy is more likely to be open-ended or longer term. 

If you would like to discuss whether coaching is the right option for you at the moment please email me at or book a call to discuss it further. 

  1. Being true to myself – this is a value which is hugely important to me. By really understanding what being true to yourself looks and feels like it can be a great guide in decision making and how you go about things. When I’ve made decisions that turned out either not to work out or down the line I regretted, I know the majority of the time they came from me not being true to myself. If you are in tune with how it feels to be true to yourself and how it feels not to be true to yourself it is an amazingly liberating feeling. It doesn’t mean everything is easy, but it means you can feel comfortable and confident with your approach, how you are treating others and the decisions you are making. 
  2. Integrity – being honest and upholding strong moral principles is fundamental to me and my business. I will only work with clients if I genuinely believe they will benefit from the service I offer following a discovery call and throughout the time of our coaching journey. 
  3. Commitment – I commit to continuing my own personal and professional development so I can be the best coach I can be for myself and for my clients. I am committed to each client I work with and partnering them on their journey. I also ask for commitment from my clients.