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I’m passionate about helping businesses and parents work through parental leave and the return to work better.

Managing parental leave and the return to work can be a challenge for employers and parents but it is so important to get it right, for all involved.


If managers lack confidence about managing parental leave, the risk is that they don’t really manage it and therefore communicate poorly, don’t properly prepare for the return and leave the employee feeling isolated and unsupported.

Additionally, during and after parental leave, those new parents are likely to be experiencing all sorts of emotions and practical concerns which can cause worry, self-doubt and apprehension about returning to work. Without working through these thoughts and feelings in a confidential and supportive space, they often just bigger and can negatively impact the return to work.

This all ends up in a lose-lose situation, for the employer and employee. It can lead to:

  • Loss of experienced and skilled people (particularly female talent).
  • Unnecessary recruitment costs (time and money).
  • Employees who feel unsupported, disengaged and are unproductive on return.
  • Damage to brand reputation.

And this is where help is needed.

I work with companies to understand where they are currently experiencing issues or feel that they need further support. I then put together a bespoke proposal which could include training, coaching or a combination of both so that there is a plan in place for managers and new parents to manage parental leave and beyond successfully.

You can find out more about the training and coaching services I provide below.


Manager Training

Provides managers with the confidence they need to communicate and manage parental leave well.

1:1 Coaching

Provides objective, external support helping parents on parental leave and after so they can return successfully.

Group Support

Gives employees who have all recently returned to work a framework to support each other.



Every time I have a session with Rose I feel more determined and excited about the future. They have enabled me to be more comfortable in myself, what I want most out of life and to focus on what really makes me happy.



Rose has the innate ability to make you feel safe, listened to and understood since the very first minute. She doesn’t judge you; she doesn’t give you any unsolicited advice. She was exactly what I needed while trying to figure out who I am as a professional, woman, and new mum.


Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! Book a call with me and we can take a look at what is working well at the moment, which areas might need some work and what your goals are. From this I will then be able to go away and put together a proposal based on what we’ve discussed and what I think will work best for your business and employees.

The big difference between training and coaching is that in training sessions I provide guidance on a specific topic whereas in coaching sessions I don’t give any advice. In coaching sessions I support the coachee to work through the challenges they are facing and find their own answers.

I have a Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice which is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited qualification. I have a Certificate in Career Coaching. I follow the Code of Ethics set out by the ICF. 

I am also a Mental Health First Aider. 

Before becoming a Coach I worked in HR and completed my CIPD Level 7.