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Every month I publish a guest post from a mum who has been through returning to the workplace after maternity leave. We all have individual experiences, situations, ambitions and so on. There is no one way or right way, just what is best for you and your family. I hope by sharing a range of stories there will be something that mums on maternity leave and thinking about their return to work can relate to.
This post is written by Lyns who is a mum of 1, a paediatric nurse and business owner. You can take a look at her website or find her on Instagram @thelittlehartlywellnessclub or on Facebook The Little Hartly Wellness Club.

Question 1. How did you feel about your return to work in the lead up to it?

It was January 2021 and I’d been off work on maternity leave since before the pandemic. 

Returning to work was something I wanted to do, since I loved my job and the team I worked with, but due to lockdown I hadn’t had much time away from my son (my first child), he hadn’t been looked after by anyone outside the family and settling in at nursery hadn’t gone well.

The lead up to my return was an anxious time. We agreed we wouldn’t put our son in the nursery he was due to attend, I returned to work 3 days a week, 1 from home and 2 in the hospital, however the team and I couldn’t agree on a plan that made myself and my family feel comfortable, so sadly after a short time I resigned. 

Question 2. What were the biggest challenges or worries that you had about your return to work?

I worried about how my son would respond to me being gone for the entire day all of a sudden, that he might think I had left him. I worried that I wouldn’t get back in time to see my son before bedtime. 

One of my biggest challenges was that my line manager left during my maternity leave and I had developed anxiety during maternity leave, which would have been a challenge enough in itself but adding a new manager to the mix was another unanticipated challenge. 

Question 3. Is there anything that would have helped your transition back to the workplace?

Potentially a more gentle approach to settling in at nursery, we were allowed to stay once for 20 mins and then had to leave, it felt a bit much since we hadn’t left him with new people before. More support relating to managing anxiety of becoming a new Mum, lockdown, and the transition back to work. 

Question 4. What tips would you give to other mums who are currently on maternity leave and preparing for their return to work?

Prepare, but also be prepared for things to be or feel different to what you anticipate. If you’re really set on an idea ie. returning to your job because it’s your passion, then absolutely do it, make it happen, but plan, review and adjust the plan and plan some more. Always do what feels good for you and your family. 

Thank you so much Lyns!

I hope you found reading about Lyns’ experience helpful. If you are on maternity leave and would like to return to work with confidence, you can get my free guide with some top tips so you can prepare yourself.
All the best,
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